Glimmer of hope visible

No matter which weather forecast I check I can find no sign of an impending storm this coming weekend. Plenty of rain to be sure, but no significant wind. So once again we gird our loins and prepare for the first leg of the shortest league in history. This Sunday sees us in Greenacres Equestrian in Convoy, with Stracomer running the day. In a change to the regular way of running the day they are holding the higher classes first…going from the top down so to speak. The running order will be as follows: Open Training, Open SJ, Advanced Intermediate Training, AI SJ, Intermediate Training, Intermediate SJ, Advance Primary Training, Advance Primary SJ, Cross Poles, 60cm & Primary SJ. So come along for a long overdue get-together and let’s kick off the competitive year in style.

Anyone who had planned on attending the Ballycastle & Rural Riding Community cross-country ride at Dirraw Farm can now divert to the league in Greenacres as the xc has had to be postponed due to ground conditions (surprise surprise). If it gets resceduled we’ll let you know.

Lastly a plea for a small turnout rug. Jenny Coe has an elderly, 11hh welsh pony and is looking for a turnout rug for it. If anyone has one lurking in the corner of their tack room she would be very grateful if you would part with it. Contact Jenny on 086-0844748.