Fancy a road trip?

Our north western sub-region is part of the the greater Western region of the AIRC, which stretches from the tip top of Malin head to Kilbaha on the southern toe of Co. Clare. As a general rule clubs within an area are not allowed to run events in competition with each other, so getting a free date to run a show or training clinic can be quite difficult. Fortunately the powers that be agreed to the formation of our sub-region  and now we only have to worry about fitting our dates in around the other Donegal clubs (a tough enough challenge) and any national championships that happen to be on. The advantage of being in the AIRC is that all the affiliated events are available to you, with a welcome guaranteed at all of them. A friendly phone call to the local organiser will frequently result in a stable being found for your four-legged companion, allowing yourself and any significant others you want to bring along to enjoy a relaxing weekend away. Check out the most up to date version of the Western Region calendar here.

AIRC West Regional Calendar 2020