An ability to adapt is essential

Was it Robbie Burns who said “the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft a-gley”?? Well so it is with planning a riding club calendar. Our Audrey Jacob Team Challenge will run on April 26th, rather than the 19th as originally thought. The good news is that Tir conaill rc are running a day clinic on 19th April in Greenacres with coaches Mandi king and Mark Robinson. The day will offer each participant a one hour jumping lesson and a one hour flat-work lesson, with a lunging demo at end. They have space for 18 riders, with 3 riders per lesson. Cost for the day is currently E50-E55, but they have applied for a training bursary and if the application is successful the cost will reduce considerably. If you would like to book a slot please let Marina, Erica or myself know as soon as possible as the TirConaills need to spread available spaces around the region. What better way to prepare for the AJTC the following weekend?