Planning the year ahead

With the changing of the guard, so to speak, with regard to our club officers, we will have to exercise a little patience as the new recruits find their feet (or should it be hooves??) and the club administration starts to flow smoothly again. Erica is in the process of setting up a club ‘Itsplainsailing’ account so that we can process various payments online rather than having to make the effort to meet up and hand over cash or cheques. For anyone who wishes to renew membership immediately Erica is happy to accept a cash/cheque payment as she will be sending off an early bunch of applications this side of the new year, but if you prefer to defer membership payment till after the festive season it should be possible to do it all online in the near future. Watch this space!

Our next official riding club event will be a club meeting on Monday 6th January, which will afford us the opportunity to compare notes on over-indulgence, lack of riding time, overly fresh horses and the need for some serious mental motivation to get us up and going, and into the running for Club Of The Year 2020 (twould be a grand way to start the decade). Fortunately we have just the job for the latter as, on Thursday 23rd January, equestrian sports psychologist Jim Hickey is coming to the Finn Valley Centre in Stranorlar to impart his wisdom and set us up (psychologically at least) for the new season. Jim’s session will run from 7.30 to 9.30pm and the cost is E20 per person. Payment will be via our brand span-new Its Plain Sailing account and, in case the venue wasn’t a give-away, this will not involve actual horses…merely the intention to sit on one as a club member in the not-too-distant future. Further details will follow. In the mean time if anyone would like to check out Mr. Hickey’s career you can see his Facebook page at the following link