League continues to please

The second leg of the North West Riding Clubs autumn league took place in Templemore yesterday and enjoyed one of those beautiful autumnal days that make this my favourite season. With our own club running this leg of the league it was a case of every available hand on deck to help out and the resulting show seems to have been a great success. At the first leg of the league we had the chance to welcome back members who had been busy at other things for a while, and at the second leg we watched as members came to grips with new challenges as they upgraded. Cliff is now putting it up to the advanced intermediate riders, with Shadow and Shyla whizzing him around the 1.0m course with ease. Many thanks to everyone who helped run the show and make it the great day it was.

Don’t forget that there is no league jumping next weekend as the third leg, being run by Stracomer Riding Club, will be held in Greenacres Equestrian Centre on the 17th of November. Results and some photos from yesterday are below.