Audrey Jacob Team Challenge Time

Our annual outing to Eglinton, our show-with-a-lid, our celebration of a wonderful past member, is almost upon us. Hazel has been doing trojan work getting things organised and all that really remains is to man the various posts on the day. OK, so there’s the small matter of building the course and laying out the dressage arena, but the important stuff such as putting together teams to defend our honour has been done.

In dressage we’ve got two teams vying for first and second place. One team consists of Rachel, Tanya, Francis and Cliff, while the second team is made up of Vera, Erica, Cliff and Leo. Dressage times for the day are set out below and as you can see we have a pretty busy schedule.

The nations-cup style jumping starts at 12 midday and juggling competitors dressage times with keeping the jumping moving, will require a certain amount of patience and understanding from all involved. Our jumping teams are as follows. Cliff’s Chicks are Cliff, riding Sally Clover Supreme, Rachel on Merlin, Marina and Regina. Rachel’s Gofers are Rachel on Sally Clover Supreme, Cliff on Irish Shadow, Francis and Leo. If nothing else is guaranteed on the day at least we can look forward with confidence to plenty of fun and laughter.

As always the rosettes are to die for and the prizes are well worth the effort of taking part so come early, stable your steed and stake out your vantage point. The gauntlets have been well and truly thrown down by our friendly neighboring rival clubs.