New year, new you?

Welcome to the 2019 edition of Letterkenny Riding Club, complete with challenging competitions, sociable shenanigans, enjoyable events, fantastic friends, hilarious horses and inevitable inebriation (purely drunk on fun and emotion). As some of you will have heard we have to offer get-well-soon wishes to our hard working secretary Hazel, who is currently sending you riding club updates from her hospital bed on the wrong side of the Atlantic as she recovers from a very nasty broken leg. No doubt her trusty steed Darcy will be only too delighted to enjoy an extended winter holiday. Also on the recuperation bench is Donegal Gaelteacht member John McDaid, who landed wrong when coming off on the hunting field and is now waiting for four vertebrae to knit before he can return to the saddle. Cormac must be feeling like something of a trend setter at this stage as the competitive ranks of the clubs get decimated! No doubt we’ll see you all back fighting fit before the year is out.

Those who are still able to throw the leg will be glad to see a small stretch in the length of the days now and can look forward to the start of the spring league at the start of February. Dates and details are on the poster below and as you can see the league has received a big shake-up this year as the different legs are in different venues. This should create a very different dynamic and will make for an interesting and challenging league.

If anyone is interested in travelling farther afield over the late winter or early spring then they might like to support our neighboring Western region clubs by attending some of the following events.

Our own North West Riding Clubs meeting is being held this coming Monday 14th January at 8pm in the Glencar Inn. As always everyone is encouraged to come along and get involved in what is happening in the region.