Plans afoot

The next inter-club meeting for the north west riding clubs is on Monday 3rd September in the Glencar Inn, at 8pm. All club members are not only welcome but actively encouraged to attend the meeting and put forward suggestions for activities over the coming winter season. With the seasonal autumn league up  for discussion, as well as other sociable outings such as the annual dinner dance, it will be an entertaining gathering. If you cant make the meeting on Monday do try to get in touch with some of our club members who will be going and give them your input. All thoughts and opinions will be taken on board.

As you will have seen from Hazel’s texts we have the next leg of the 2-phase league to organise on the 16th September. With very few remaining opportunities for getting outdoor competition over the rest of the year I hope you’ll all support this event. As always we need asses in saddles as well as hands on deck!

If you haven’t enough in the club calender to keep you busy you might like to stretch your legs at some of the upcoming events at Eglinton…