Spring League update

Apologies for the tardy reporting on the first leg of the North West Spring League. A much needed holiday distracted me from equestrian activities on the home front. As the results sheet shows our members were lulling the other clubs into a false sense of security and easing into the competition gently.

1st Ciara Boyle Donegal Gaeltacht
2nd Niamh Sharkey Donegal Gaeltacht

Advanced Primary
1st Liz Potter Donegal Gaeltacht
2nd Geraldine Gough Inishowen
3rd Tommy McGinley Donegal Gaeltacht
4th Hazel Mahoney Letterkenny
5th Katie Doyle Stracomer
6th Lawrence Smyth Donegal Gaeltacht

1st Patrick Hunter Tirconail
2nd Cliff Haley Letterkenny
3rd Ryan McBride Donegal Gaeltacht
4th Patricia Ward Tirconail
5th Shaun Brennan Donegal Gaeltacht
6th Kelly McClafferty Letterkenny

Adv Intermediate
1st Roseleen McGinley Donegal Gaeltacht
2nd Dawn Hyndman Letterkenny
3rd Tara Fergus Stracomer
4th Cormac McCormack Letterkenny
5th Jade McClafferty Letterkenny
6th Anne Chambers Letterkenny

1st Emily Schneider Donegal Gaeltacht
2nd Cassandra McGee Donegal Gaeltacht
3rd Bruce Vial Tirconail
4th Bruce Vial Tirconail

It’s great to see such a strong entry now at the higher grades and all we need now are some new recruits at primary level to provide more competition for the Donegal Gaeltacht duo of Ciara Boyle and Niamh Sharkey. We look strong in the advanced intermediate, which is always a highly competitive class.

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now the second leg of the league has been postponed to Sunday 18th February due to snowy roads and dangerous travelling conditions. Our club is still responsible for running the second leg so lets see you all out in force next sunday. The more the merrier.


Remember that we have our sculpting evening with Marina this coming Friday. Give her a bell on 086-8216335 to book a spot in her studio for what promises to be a most enjoyable and entertaining evening.