Inter club updates

I apologise in advance for giving you these updates second-hand rather than having actually attended the inter club meeting and being able to report directly. I was obeying HSE directives on treatment of influenza…sleep, and then sleep some more. Fortunately Hazel and Louise kept us in the loop, so I can relay their report.

We have a new club in our region. Stracomer Riding Club has joined the ranks and will be out in force at all the inter club events.

Our club is responsible for running the second leg of the spring league, which is on February 11th. We are also responsible for the first half of the day on March 18th, which is the final.

A hunter trial league, legs of which may or may not include dressage, will be run over the summer and autumn. The running of each leg will be shared between two clubs and provisional dates are as follows; 24th March, 15th July and 30th September.

A number of other diary dates were set and are on our Calender tab.