Summer is coming

As anyone involved in a riding club committee can tell you, the planning for the summer calendar starts the previous autumn and winter, so it is great to be able to firmly write in the annual Riding Clubs Festival at this early stage of the 2018 season.

The Association of Irish Riding Clubs has announced that the 2018 Riding Clubs Festival is to move to a new venue after 12 years at Stradbally Hall Estate in Co. Laois.

The Board of Directors began exploring five venues, including Stradbally Hall Estate, in September and after a consultative process, it was decided to move the two-day show to Mullingar Equestrian on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June 2018.

The process involved taking on board feedback from our members and also our National Committee and Riding Clubs Festival Advisory Working Group who were both provided with a detailed presentation regarding the various options under consideration.

There were a number of factors which lead to the decision including the need to revitalise the show, financial costs, set-up and clean-up requirements, the impact on volunteers, and also the need to modernise how we operate before and during the event.

Stabling costs will be reduced for members at Mullingar Equestrian in 2018.  Camping will also be available at the new venue next year.

Chairman Tony Ennis said,

It wasn’t a decision taken lightly by the organisation but after 12 years at Stradbally Hall we felt a change was needed to reinvigorate the show. We believe Mullingar will offer our members a different experience at our flagship show.

“We will be focusing on delivering a quality and fun experience for our members at this new venue over the coming months,” he said.

Perhaps we should plan a weekend away for our own club…in Mullingar?