One week to go

Today’s third leg of the league was run by ourselves. Many thanks to everyone who helped out with the many duties which go into running a successful day. As the format of the league allows riders to miss one leg of the league, or drop their lowest score if they attended all legs, we saw slightly diminished numbers this week. The league table is now interesting, though Inishowen are in a very strong position.

Nicola Coxford is unassailable in the primary division, while in advanced primary Ellen Mackey has 14 points, just 2 points ahead of both Lynne Thompson and Lauren McLaughlin who are on 12 points apiece. Intermediate rider Veronica Lafferty, with 14 points, has Mark Ward snapping at her heels as he carries 13 points into the final. Enda McClafferty shoulders the main hopes of the Letterkennyites as he has 10 points, though Cliff who has 8 points is by no means out of the running. Dawn Hyndman made it two for two as she won the advanced intermediate again on the consistent Colourado. With 14 points on her flagpole she will be keeping a weather eye over her shoulder as Cormac’s 13 points and Courtney Greene’s 11 points will certainly make for an exciting final day.