Thanks to old and new

There are few clubs or organisations in the country whose members consider the AGM to be one of the more entertaining social nights of the season. I think its a real indication of just how much we all enjoy the club and the people in it when you see a good turnout at the meetings…not that I was at the AGM or anything, but I did truly regret the change in dates which saw me sunning myself by a Spanish pool rather than attending the meeting.

Fortunately Hazel and/or Louise had rapid updates on the Facebook page and I was able to catch up pretty quickly, discovering in the process that I am now responsible for the website. Anne has stood down as secretary and has handed the reins over to Hazel, who has been availing of plenty of lessons and will be able to handle the responsibility with ease. Marina has stepped into Pauric’s shoes as chairperson and no doubt will keep the ship on an even keel and the crew happy. Huge thanks are due to both Pauric and Anne, who have both done Trojan work over their terms of office.

Sunday 12th November will see the second leg of the North West Autumn League take place at Templemore Equestrian Centre. The league format is designed to be friendly and encouraging and its well worth giving the jumping a shot even if you feel out of practice or want to potter around a low level course to get you or your furry friend back into the swing of things. Of course the best thing about riding club is the fun and support on the sidelines so come along for a few hours of socialising even if you cant manage to bring a mount. Entries are taken from 10.30, with the competitions kicking off at 11.00 sharp.