Farewell to the General

Following an injury sustained during our Sunday ride out it is with a heavy heart that I have to report that Kerrie Chambers had to make the decision that no one wants to have to make. The General broke his pedal bone and Kerrie did what all those who care about their animals must do and made sure that the General was no longer in pain. All of us here at Letterkenny riding  club send our thoughts to her and hope that the many happy years she had with the General will help her through this very sad time.

On that note there is to be a new feature which will be known as ‘Horse of the Month’. This is where each month we will feature one of the clubs horses. It may be because they have done well in an event or it may just be because they are a member of our club and that makes them special enough. Therefore it only seems fitting that The General is the first horse of the month. So watch this space a find out what made The General so special to Kerrie.