2014 subscriptions now due

Moving our AGM to early November from its traditional spot in December has played havoc with our subscription payment routine. However, this is now your official reminder that your 2014 membership subscription is due. You should make cheques payable to Letterkenny Riding Club and get them to Francis as quickly as possible (Francis McNicholl, Anney, Kerrykeel, Co Donegal).

As many of you know, our mother organisation, the Association of Irish Riding Clubs (AIRC) has dropped its share of our subscription by €5 but we have decided to leave our club subscription at the same level as 2013 — €100 for riding members and €40 for non-riders. This allows the club a slight financial buffer zone and saves us having to fundraise through other means throughout the year. If we run a surplus, the funds will be invested for the benefit of all in club equipment, training, etc.

Club officers should note that their subscriptions are particularly urgent since the club cannot register for 2014 without its officers’ memberships being fully paid up! No pressure…