Making the most of stunning September weather on a Sunday afternoon

Marina and Enda’s last-minute organisation of a cross country ride-out from their farm near St Johnston set spirits soaring for the eight riders who sallied forth on a glorious late-September afternoon.

Anne, Keary, Leo and Paddy joined the hosts, together with two welcome visitors from the Gaeltachts — John McDaid and Rosaleen Harkin. The group covered the extensive farmland and stubble fields at a leisurely pace with just one energetic uphill canter to get the hearts racing. Back at home base their warm-up was put to good use when Marina and Enda ran a spontaneous competition over a small course. Paddy and Leo nailed the Pairs contest while Anne took top honours in the Individuals, closely pursued by John McDaid.

In true Hamilton/McClafferty style, the party was treated to refreshments of the highest quality afterwards before horses and riders were sent on their way into a beautiful evening with smiles on their faces.

Many thanks, Enda and Marina, for a wonderful afternoon’s riding and entertainment. For Keary it was the highlight of the year to date. Let’s hope we can keep the momentum going now and maintain a healthy level of activity as we ride into autumn.

Pictured below: Happy cross country enthusiasts on Sunday 29 September.

cross country sept 2013 014 cross country sept 2013 008 cross country sept 2013 001