Gloomy Midsummer brightened by freedom of the fields

Our 2012 trip to the Jacobs homestead began in torrential rain which cleared miraculously before our horses were unloaded. Twelve months later the weather was working the opposite way round and Audrey issued a missive at 6pm: “Hi everybody. Just load up and come on before the rain gets here!”

Nadine, Damien, Paddy, Libby, Francis, Maura, Anne, Keary and Tanya answered the call. They arrived to discover a brilliant collection of jumps ranging from rustic poles to milk churns to mattresses, as well as a dressage arena and a smashing stone wall. There was no shortage of challenges for man or beast.

The ground was holding and sticky, threatening to create all sorts of unwanted work for Damien but luckily all horses held onto their precious shoes. Anne’s youngster Star made it all look easy as she floated over the ground. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Fenway almost regretted all the grass he had eaten since last being ridden at Stradbally as he hauled his rotund figure around the silage fields.

Nadine and Emily headed for home early while Cormac arrived late and took over the plum ride on Molly just in time for the stone wall session.

Everybody did what they were comfortable with and it was a hugely enjoyable and easy going evening rounded off with first class refreshments. Cecil joined everybody for the tea and diplomatically averted his eyes from the glaring tracks ploughed through his precious ground.

Thank you, Audrey, Cecil and Tanya, for another memorable experience.

Pictured below: Happy horses and riders after enjoying the freedom of the fields. More pictures in the Gallery.