Pre-Derby practice and lots more, Castleshanaghan, Friday

Trips to Audrey and Tanya’s homeplace at Castleshanaghan are amongst the jewels in the riding club calendar. Cecil’s immaculate fields make the perfect play ground for summertime riding. The horses love it and the riders do too.

This year, with the Derby & Dressage Show just a week away, our hosts are going to conjure up a dressage arena and some derby and cross country style jumps to give us some scope to practice before the big day. The cross country hoodlums will also be free to enjoy a good stretch around the extensive silage fields. What more could a soul wish for on Midsummer’s Day!

The weather looks like being reasonably cooperative and with luck we’ll get to enjoy our unique position on the northern tip of the country on the day when it matters most. Let Audrey know on 087 285 3687, if you plan on coming along.

Pictured below: Previous club excursions to the Jacob ranch. Unmissable.

img_1159 img_1158 img_1196