Stunning weather for St Patrick’s weekend ride-out

There are days when one wakes up to the sound of pelting rain and howling gales, dreading the prospect of dealing with daily horse routines. And there are other days when one looks out the window at a brilliantly sunny morning with a hard frost whitening the landscape and wonders what else could be better than riding a horse. Saturday 16 March was one of the good mornings.

Seven riders congregated at Cyril’s yard and set off enthusiastically for a two-hour looped ride around the hills between Milford, Glenalla and Kerrykeel. The three boys — Zak, Armstrong and Fenway — fought it out for the lead in a purposeful walk while the girls — Lady, Hannah, Tia and Lizzie — dropped in behind but maintained the strapping pace. There was plenty of time for conversation, the scenery was stunning and the air was fresh. What more could a soul ask for on St Patrick’s weekend?

Pictured below: Francis, Nadine, Cyril, Vera, Maura and Paddy wait patiently while Libby records the moment before the excursion proceeds.

DSC00413 DSC00417 DSC00415 DSC00416