Fine-tuning the basics at sunny Glenleary

No matter how much tuition any of us experiences, there’ll always be some little detail that an instructor can spot that makes a lesson worthwhile. Mary Finneran’s most enjoyable flatwork lessons on Friday evening focussed on achieving the correct bend when riding corners accurately. The exercises were built up step by step, culminating in a lovely sequence of formation riding which was great fun for both riders and horses alike.

Sally, Denis and Cyril rode first on Tutu, Davy Arthur and Lady — the three lovely coloured cobs making a pretty picture in an arena bathed in beautiful evening light. They were followed by Annette, Karen, Laura and Libby on Sasha, Jack, Jessie and Fenway — a less well colour-coordinated group but an equally happy one.

Louise organised the evening but skipped the lesson so that she didn’t miss the Ramelton 5K. She appeared at Glenleary before the evening was over looking as if covering 5K on foot is a great deal less arduous than riding for an hour of focussed flatwork!

Pictured below: Concentration on coloured cobs. More in the Gallery.