Friday evening Derby planning with pints

Our inaugural summer derby last year was a great success despite the worst of luck with a passing half-day’s rain. The course was long and challenging and proved a real experience for most of our club members who had never tackled such an event before.

Needless to say, the preparation of such an event on a greenfield site demands a HUGE amount of work! This year John Kelly is cracking the whip and orchestrating the entire operation. He’ll be looking for physical effort from as many members as possible. More importantly, he’ll appreciate active brain cells, resourcefulness and willingness to take responsibility.

The show is in the heartland of our membership area so, for once, there won’t be an hour-long journey for most people. Those who do live further away should contact John to see when they can best be deployed to avoid unnecessary miles on the road.

It all kicks off with a site visit this Friday evening followed by a meeting in Conway’s Pub in Ramelton. If you’re prepared to put your shoulder to the wheel, come along and find out how your energy can best be harnessed.

Pictured below: Setting up the field for our 2011 Derby. What a pleasure to be out in the local green fields of Hillsborough Farm.