Calendar plotted until end of September

Last Thursday’s club meeting successfully plotted a path through the next three months of this flying year. The focus for the next few weeks will be firmly on our Derby Show on Sunday 22 July. A planning meeting takes place in Conway’s Pub in Ramelton this Friday evening. There’ll be a bit of social life to knock the corners off the informal formalities and it won’t seem like work at all.

August is the month when various national and international events like the Horse Show and Olympics take centre stage. Our low key, relaxed schedule for the month bows to this distraction and we’ll enjoy some easy-going ride-outs and some not-so-easy-going-but very-rejuvenating formation riding with Valerie.

In September we hope to travel to Millers Hill in County Armagh for another famous weekend away. After the disappointment of last year’s last minute cancellation, all eyes will be glued to the weather forecast in the weeks approaching the big weekend.

September’s second highlight will be our Treasure Hunt. This year we move to new territory and Francis will bamboozle us with clues in the Ramelton area as we depart from Nadine and Damien’s HQ in Killycreen.

Check the Calendar for a full overview of activities.