Idyllic ride-out from Kellee Stables

Friday’s ride-out, led by Hazel from Sharon and John’s Kellee Stables near Kilmacrennan, made the very most of one of the most idyllic Donegal evenings imaginable. With less than a month to go until Midsummer, it was wonderful to be able at last to enjoy the long light evenings that are such a feature of our northern county.

Seldom have horses sweated as freely on one of our expeditions. The six of them — Sapphire, Lizzie, Millie, Davy Arthur, Ozzie and Fenway — stepped out at a spanking walk for most of the route, picking up canter willingly on two lengthy off-road tracks. They returned to the yard with a spring in their step that belied their 90-minute work-out. Some of their riders nursed tender backsides and dismounted gratefully, hands already held out for refreshments.

John and Nadine manned the creche during the ride-out and everybody together enjoyed Hazel’s generous refreshments afterwards as the hens came home to roost in the yard after a long and luxurious day of long-awaited sunshine.

A very big thank you to Hazel (and to John and Sharon) for an evening that summed up everything that’s good about riding club life.

Pictured below: Lizzie cools down after a brisk 90-minute exercise routine that was a great deal more energetic than the rest of the photos suggest.