Relay For Life : The big day is approaching fast

We’ve all been talking about Relay For Life for a number of months at this stage, ever since Cormac hit upon the bright idea of entering a club team in this immensely popular and highly regarded fundraising event. For anybody who’s been asleep for the last four or five months, Relay For Life is a community-based initiative in support of the Irish Cancer Society and their work in patient support and research. Relay For Life is a fundraising event which celebrates people who have survived a cancer diagnosis, remembers those lost to the disease and brings the community together to fight back against cancer. Relay For Life begins at 6pm on Saturday 26 May.

Those of you who are on Facebook can find out more about the local effort on the Relay For Life Donegal page. For everybody else, there’s the Irish Cancer Society website.

Now it’s time to pin down a volunteer rota so that Letterkenny Riding Club’s team has at least one walker on the track for the entire 24-hour event. The more the merrier at any one time and the social atmosphere should be great fun. Nadine and Damien are the first to put their names on the list and have volunteered to man the club gazebo and walk the track from 6pm to 8pm on the Saturday evening. The gazebo will be the social hub for the team and is sure to be the source of many tall tales when all is done and dusted.

Please contact Cormac on 087 251 4417 by this weekend and let him know when you can cover an hour on the track. Bring friends and family – it’s not limited to club members. The more the merrier!