Spring tides for Easter

Anybody who likes to get to the beach with their horse should note that there are exceptionally large spring tides over the holiday weekend. At low water this makes beach exploration a real pleasure and guarantees good long cantering stretches for anybody trying to put the finishing touches on their horse’s fitness for Flowerhill.

Always take great care riding on unfamiliar sand. Walk or trot over unknown surfaces on the way out and don’t canter until you’re returning over safe territory. Never ride at speed into a tidal stream or channel until you have discovered first just how deep it is. And always be aware of whether the tide is falling or rising as you head out into areas which are normally covered by water. You don’t want to have to swim your horse home!

You’ll find the tide tables on the EasyTide website. Here is the link for Rathmullan. (Remember to set the daylight savings to one hour.)