Looking forward to our armchair evenings

None of us want to haul horses around twice a week so, on the Fridays of our North West league show weekends, we’ll stick to sociable unmounted activities.

There’s a big difference between a farrier and a blacksmith and there’s a lot more to your horse’s hooves than a set of shoes. No hoof, no horse! On Friday 10 February, Damien will give us a talk on the art of farriery accompanied by vet Rhona McKenzie who will talk about essential horse health issues. Rhona will cover first aid for horses, colic, worming and vaccinations. Use this opportunity to learn about keeping your horse healthy, fit and sound.

A week later, on Friday 17 February, Mary Finneran will give us a talk on bridles and bits. How many of us really understand the action of different bits in the horse’s mouth. Have you ever thought about the thickness of your horse’s tongue? And what about nosebands? How tight should a flash strap be and why would you use one in the first place?

On Friday 2 March we’re going to visit Mary Devine’s facilities in Glenswilly and find out about different physical therapies for horses, including Equissage and Equitouch. You’ll probably end the evening wondering if you couldn’t treat yourself to the same treatment.

The armchair evenings are open to all members and should be informative, entertaining and sociable. Full details to follow.