North West League plans in place

Monday evening’s meeting of the North West League coordinators finalised the details of the upcoming shows and everything is set for a great series of competitions. For anybody who hasn’t yet arranged their entire lives around the league, the dates are Sundays 12 and 19 February and 4, 11 and 25 March. The format will be exactly the same in 2012 as it was twelve months ago.

NWL Show Schedule 2012

We hope that all members (and we already have 31 signed up for 2012) will do something to help. There’s no need for everybody to be present all day for each of the shows, if we can organise a good rota in advance that suits peoples’ commitments.

The responsibilities have been divided into three general areas: EntriesCall-up & Arena Party, and Practice Arena & Safety, with a coordinator for each area. Our club’s NWL coordinators will be in touch with every member over the next short while to see what task you would be most interested in helping with and what shows and times you can commit to. Rather than designating time slots, you’ll be asked to help for particular classes (e.g. Intermediate and/or Advanced Intermediate if you’re an AP rider, etc). If you’re not planning on riding, you’ll be able to nominate the classes that best suit your own timetable for the day.

Meanwhile, if you plan on competing at the league, good luck with your fittening and schooling. Remember that everybody is in the same boat over the winter and most of our horses and riders will be a bit rusty on the first day out. The great thing about the league is that you can really make steady progress over the course of the five shows.