Ray (of) sunshine on a Sunday afternoon

On a weekend of truly awful weather, the riding club managed to come out on top with two hours of brilliant sunshine and just one fleeting shower in the final 100 meters of a most enjoyable ride-out.

Zak and Fenway escorted their band of grey mares (Lizzie, Hannah and Sapphire) along tiny little roads north of Ray up into Glenalla before turning west and taking the off-road track back across the hill towards Lough Swilly. The horses were fresh and stepped out at a great pace and the riders had plenty of time for leisurely conversation and enjoying the scenery.

As true club gentlemen, the geldings looked after gate duty for the mares, with Francis and Libby both having their difficulties at times getting back in the saddles of their keen mounts. By the time the group returned to the trailers, the cobwebs were well and truly blown away and five contented horses headed for home with their riders.

Pictured below: Francis and Zak manhandle a slap at the highest point of the route while the girls enjoy the view south east over Lough Swilly. More photos in the Gallery.