Tough but rewarding tutelage in Trentagh

Two rides on Friday evening were cleverly collapsed into one as half the booked horses and riders fell by the wayside with cast shoes and sundry other complaints. But, as always, the five candidates who turned out for Jackie’s flatwork lesson at Harley’s finished the session with broad smiles on their faces and the unbeatable knowledge that they were the lucky ones.

On an uncharacteristically beautiful sunny evening, Tanya, Joanne, Vera, Laura and Karen worked diligently under Jackie’s eye and had their mounts going beautifully by the time they executed their final formal halt. Joanne rode nicely on her own lovely big bay horse, quite a step up in size from Dancer! Meanwhile, Laura has descended (in elevation only) to her young mare, the 15hh Miss Jessie, while her sister Karen has taken over on the much-admired cob, Cappry Jack.

Tanya on the original Jack and Vera on Tia were the remaining two familiar partnerships in the arena and they both enjoyed the lesson as much as ever. Jackie was in the best of form and relaxed after the lesson with Pippa. John and Sharon weren’t prepared to part with her and Jackie admitted that they’re better when you can give them back.

It was a lovely evening and much thanks is due to Sharon for her enduring patience and good humour in coordinating this series of lessons during the summer silly season.

Pictured below: Jackie with her five diligent pupils enjoying a tough but rewarding flatwork lesson. More photos in the Gallery.