Looking forward to a relaxed club gathering, maybe even with some sunshine…

John & Sharon’s Christmas ride-out was a victim of the winter weather last December but it’s looking increasingly likely that tomorrow’s catch-up event is going to escape this summer’s usual treatment.

Meet to ride at 3pm. The group may be split into two groups, depending on how adventurous and energetic people are feeling. John helped his neighbours draw in 1800 bales of hay recently and we’ll reap the benefits of his labour with some cantering around freshly cut fields. Sharon is going to do gate duty and, if anybody needs/wants to bring children, she’ll entertain them in the field with a game of rounders while their old folks are out hacking.

Bring your own fodder for the grill and whatever your horse might need to keep body and soul together while you kick back and enjoy a sociable evening with the club. You can also leave your horse at home and come along just for the barbeque end of things. Contact Sharon for directions to the yard. If the sun shines we should be in for a good old fashioned hoe down!!!