Horze Ireland Western Region Spring Show Jumping League points table

Jane Conway, the Regional Points Officer, has published the current points table for the Western Region’s Spring Show Jumping League. With the exception of the points for the Beach Show (where every score sheet and document was so completely saturated that nobody could be surprised if they simply disintegrated), the table is complete and from it you can deduce what’s left to play for at the final on Sunday 24 July in Tubberbride.

To be eligible for prizes in the final of the league, which is sponsored by Horze Ireland, riders must have attended 5 league shows in the region. In Primary we have one rider qualified to take prizes in the league – Enda McClafferty. At Advanced Primary our eligible riders are Keary Smith, Leo Porter, Mick Carroll and Regina Toland. The Intermediate contingent is Cormac McCormack, Francis McNicholl, Libby Carton and Tommy McGettigan. Three riders have reached the quota for Advanced Intermediate —Nadine Gallagher, Marina Hamilton and Tanya Jacob.

If you haven’t attended the 5 shows you are still eligible to jump on the day. Orla did this at the autumn final last year and had a great show with SonnyB and Lady.

Western Region Spring Show Jumping League 2011
Western Region Spring Final 2011 Schedule