God lets down the Gaeltachts but the show goes on

Is God losing it? Unfailingly reliable in his delivery of good weather for the Beach Show up until now, he badly misjudged things this year and abandoned the Gaeltachts in their hour of need. But the show went on.

Rain pelted down relentlessly in a chilly breeze and the biggest winners on the day were those who had brought a change of clothes. The dressage and show jumping judges were safe in their warm dry cars. Course builder Tony Ennis was well equipped in his flowing poncho. The showing judge, Kevin McGuinness, wasn’t quite as lucky; less than half way through the showing schedule, his face and neck had turned an interesting shade of grey as black dye ran down in rivulets from his saturated bowler hat.

Lorries bogged slowly in the flooded sand; large riding horses became small riding horses as they sank quietly to their fetlocks in the line-up. The PA system failed. What could go wrong did go wrong but the smiles never disappeared. The Gaeltachts have never lacked character and they battled on heroically all day long. God will get it together in 12 months’ time and we’ll all return in droves for another great day at the beach.

Full results to follow and we’ll catch up on our members’ achievements in due course. For now, Nadine’s pictures say it all: