Looking from one Friday back to another

Our regular Friday evening activities get overshadowed occasionally by competitive events on a Sunday. Last Friday evening’s ride-out at Moorefield, near Ramelton, was a  most enjoyable affair for the five riders who took their chances with the squally weather and came out bone dry and happy at the end of a lovely hack.

Erica described the expedition which started at about 7.30 with herself, Paddy, Finbar, Maura and Francis setting off on a lovely grassy bridle path through the woods. Turning up past Tony McCaul’s house with his horses in the yard, they started a steady downhill trek admiring all the good land and views around them. The group then headed back uphill passing more fab land, farms and farmhouses that they all admired. Paddy and Erica took a detour up a grassy lane for a nice long canter while Francis, Maura and Finbar waited patiently for them at the start of the lane. When they were all reunited they walked on home, coming full circle back through the grassy lanes to return to their starting point.

The horses were all very well behaved and settled. All five horses ranged in age from 15 to 20 and proved very safe and sensible. Everyone enjoyed themselves. For anybody who missed last week’s ride, Dawn Howard has said that we’re welcome to park at her house again if we feel like doing another rideout from Moorefield.

Thanks again to Dawn for accommodating us and particularly to Erica for arranging and leading the ride.

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