Riding club members enjoy inaugural Donegal Trec training event

Orla has issued a highly positive bulletin on the inaugural Donegal Trec training event last weekend:

A few riding club members dipped their toe into the world of trec on Saturday taking part in the training day hosted by Donegal Trec at Cyril’s in Milford. The morning ran phase one of a mock competition. Riders arrived and registered and then got themselves ready for equipment check. They then went into the map room where each team of two had ten minutes to note the route onto their map before heading out. As soon as the competitors leave the tack room the clock starts ticking so valuable time was gained here by those swift to mount. The route took approximately two hours with a different target speed for each section. Francis and Rachel represented the club in the orienteering phase. Francis partnered a local speedy pony, Jo, well known in the pony club, as it was felt they’d be suited to each other in terms of pace… it was a bit of a shock to find they picked up time penalties for being too slow on the trot section!

On returning from the orienteering route riders were treated to soup and sandwiches before taking part in a coaching session in trec obstacles. Rachel, Francis, Finbar and Vera were among the 14 riders taking part in the afternoon sessions.

Everybody seemed delighted with the day’s activity and Donegal Trec looks sure to gain in popularity as it develops further. If you’d like to know about future events, contact Orla on 087 643 2458.

Pictured below: Club members enjoying the new discipline of trec in stunning weather and beautiful landscape near Milford. We’ll post more images in the Gallery in a little while.