Lungeing demonstration with Mary Finneran

This Friday sees a continuation of our series of non-mounted activities. It’s not exactly an armchair evening (unless you wish to bring your own to Glenleary) but you don’t need to bring your horse.

Many people think of lungeing exclusively as a safe means of knocking a bit of stuffing out of a fresh horse before hopping on board. In reality lungeing is a very useful method of improving your horse’s way of going and building up muscles in the correct places. Lungeing is used a lot when breaking and training young horses but many top class riders will also regularly lunge their mature horses since it provides variety in the exercise routine and allows the rider observe the horse working without the impact of the rider.

This Friday evening Mary Finneran will demonstrate the correct method of lungeing a horse and will explain the benefits of this form of training. If you’re interested in attending, contact Damien on 087 763 1911.


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