Website hibernates as Christmas draws near

Having begun active duty at the end of March, the club website is going into hibernation mode for the last two weeks of the year. If there’s any news over the next couple of weeks, let Orla know and it will be published within a day or two.

Remarkably, the site is now averaging around 100 hits a day – that’s a pretty healthy level of use for a tiny club website. For a good long time, April 19, the day after Flowerhill, was the site’s most active day as everybody went looking on line for photos of their exploits and many landed on our site. But that record was eclipsed many times from September onwards as the site gained popularity. The features “When We Were Younger” and “Meet The Horses” have generated great interest. Our busiest day to date was 22 November when the site recorded 228 visits.

So, if you have any time on your hands over the Christmas period, it would be really great if everybody could spend a few minutes rooting out some photos or other memorabilia, anecdotes or whatever. It doesn’t have to be very old to be entertaining and it’s nice to remember even the recent past.


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