Catching up on what’s been happening on our Friday nights

A big thanks to our hosts for recent Friday nights. Not only did they do the organising and look after us very well on the evening — they have also filed the following reports of what everybody got up to:

Flatwork at Hazel’s
“Four of us were ready willing and kind of able to go for the first session with Patricia but unfortunately Patricia was taken into hospital on the Friday so despite trying to get a sub at the last minute the lesson had to be cancelled. So I ate all the goodies brought to console myself. Following week, Francis couldn’t make his slot but Cliff, Hazel and Louise were ready. Patricia morphed into Mary Finneran as I wasn’t sure that Patricia should be standing out in the wind and rain having not long got out of hospital. At the last minute Louise called time due to lame horse. So Cliff and I braved the weather and got cracking on getting the right bend and working on the bit. Cliff’s horse performed pretty well though  Saffy decided that she wasn’t keen on the whole look and played the “I’m not playing” card. At the end of the session some improvement had been made and Mary gave us both plenty of homework.”

Jumping at Marina & Enda’s
Five members made the journey to Marina and Endas on Friday night for a lesson under lights with Kelda.  Anne, Keary, Damien, Francis and Leo joined Enda for the 90-minute jumping lesson while Marina prepared the food. With Zak at home Francie formed a new partnership with Marina’s big grey Dan.  They took a while to gel but soon found themselves scaling new heights. After  a brief encounter with the mounting block Keary quickly got into his stride on Trial and Error and finished the night off in style with some impressive jumping while the ever dependable Damien and Anne made light of the grid work challenge. Leo and Enda for different reasons needed more space and both were glad to hear the call for food. Watching from the side lines were Jenny and Michael who led the charge to the kitchen. A couple of hours of food and drink followed  before Damien suggested we make it a weekly visit to St Johnston. Plates cleaned, it was time for home.