Blood pressure set to rise as competition peaks on Sunday

This year’s autumn Northwest League has had one show more than its predecessors to build up excitement in the approach to the final. As if additional excitement was ever needed for such an occasion…

First and foremost, our duties as hosts of the final are not to be taken lightly. We need to make sure that the day runs fluently and Cormac will appreciate every bit of help that you can offer. It’s all hands to the pump please!

Secondly, make sure that you go out and win plenty of ribbons. Our club’s honour is at stake and we want to make sure that we have lots of members to applaud when the prizes are awarded at next weekend’s dinner dance. There’s plenty to play for and double points on Sunday mean that nothing is a foregone conclusion. The Hamilton/McClafferty household has the potential to deliver big things, as does the Edwards team of Louise and Tutu. After his stunning debut at Primary level at Show 3, new recruit Cliff Haley could very well pull a ribbon out of the hat and get his competitive club career off to a memorable start.

For the umpteenth time in a row, Anne is jostling for position at the top of the Intermediate leaderboard. It looks as if only the McGinley girls stand between her and victory but it’s a very, very tough division to win. Cormac and Marina appear to have the Advanced Intermediate class sewn up but the rivalry between the pair will be as intense as any come Sunday.

Remember, there are no training classes at the final but the show features novelty classes for both novice and advanced grades.

We look forward to a great turn out on the big day. Come out and support our members, enjoy our comrades from neighbouring clubs, and appreciate the unbeatable atmosphere at one of the friendliest, most enjoyable competitive events on the riding club calendar.

2014 NW Autumn League | Points Show 3
2014 NW Autumn League | Results Show 3