There are very few positives to be drawn from the shortening days, start of school and deterioration of the weather. There is at least advantage to the onset of autumn however: Our weekend away in Bundoran is just three weeks away!

This year’s expedition follows the same format as last year. Damien has booked a self-catering house for the two-leggeds while the 4-leggeds will enjoy livery at Stracomer Stables. Saturday evening’s entertainment will begin with a trip to nearby feeding and watering holes, returning for the real show at the house once everybody is well warmed up.

Riding will be on the expansive beaches and sandunes that you’ve driven past a million times thinking “Boy, I’d just LOVE to have a spin across that on a horse”.

Please let Damien know straight away on 087 763 1911 if you’re interested in going. The cost of livery is €30 per horse and the additional cost of human digs will be determined when we know just how many of us are going to squeeze into the holiday house. Expect a total cost around €50 per 6-leg unit.

You’ll need to give Damien a deposit of €30 by Friday 5 September at latest to secure your spot. Don’t miss it!!