Further details on Friday evening at Marina & Enda’s

Just in case any of our non-jumping members were writing off Friday evening as a no-go area, rest assured that Marina and Enda are designing the activities to suit just about everybody. For those who do want to jump, there’ll be a go-as-you-please session to start, with jumping and open country riding through five big generous fields. Non-jumpers can just enjoy the scope of the fields.

Following that, when the excess gas has been released from the horses, we’ll enjoy a games session with various obstacles and puzzles to be undertaken by mixed teams, designed to accommodate the full range of non-jumping or novice riders as well as fat and unfit horses.

We’re expecting company from the Gaeltachts and Inishowen so it should be a great evening at the height of midsummer with a wonderful weather forecast. Refreshments after our exertions will crown a lovely expedition.

Contact Marina for further details and to let her know, if you plan to participate.