Wonderful weather, wonderful sport, wonderful club spirit

Things finally came together for the Derby & Dressage Show this year with the weather really playing along for the first time. We had a wonderful day.

Congratulations to all the winners and everybody who participated. Particular congratulations to Damien and Louise who each pulled off the elusive Derby & Dressage double with red rosettes in both disciplines. You’re great candidates for 1-day eventing!

Thank you to everybody who did anything to make the day happen. From the visiting personnel side of things, thanks to Seamus, Rachel and Petra for judging and course building. Thanks to everybody in the club who put their hands to the pump but a particular mention for Marina (and Enda) who coordinated the event, and to Damien and Francis who undertook the real donkey work of collecting and returning fences. Thanks to the Gaeltachts for so generously allowing us to use their jumps for the day and for delivering them and taking them home to boot. And finally thanks above all to the Edwards family without whose generosity this event could never take place.

Photos and results to follow.