Louise and Christopher shine at Trec National Championships

Although the local competitive riding club scene is quiet at present, there’s plenty of non-AIRC activity throughout the summer. Last weekend Louise and Christopher travelled as part of the Donegal representation to the TREC Ireland National Championships in Ross House Equestrian Centre in Cavan. They finished 2nd in the Level 1 pairs competition but that wasn’t the end of the story. Christopher was awarded the Grangeclare perpetual trophy for the highest scoring Level 1 rider while Hannah was expertly piloted by Louise to take second prize in the veteran horse class, just four points behind the overall winner.

As with any major event there are plenty of hurdles to overcome merely to get to the starting line. These championships were no exception and it was thanks to another of our members that the Donegal partnerships actually got to the competition. With Christopher’s jeep laid up on its sick bed and no van to be hired for love nor money, it was Audrey who came to the rescue, generously donating her jeep for the excursion. Some acts of generosity leave you speechless and Audrey has an endless capacity for pulling them out of the hat. What a friend!