Long journey, rickety jeep, loyal support : On the road to Stradbally

Five years ago in 2008 the club sent its very first representation to the Festival in Stradbally. It was a magical expedition and a successful one — see what we achieved in our Yearbook 2008.

Since then the numbers making the marathon journey have been small. Anne and Keary made a successful mission in 2009 and Marina and former member, Martina Boyle, had a successful trip in 2011. Now, with five years’ more experience under their belts and many blips and blemishes later, Libby and Fenway are making the pilgrimmage again this year.

Anyone who knows the instantly recognisable sound of Libby’s idiosyncratic jeep might shudder at the prospect of such a long solo journey. But with Audrey going along to support them and keep them company, horse and rider couldn’t be in better hands. Who can imagine a more loyal gesture of club spirit and friendship? Audrey’s kindness is being rewarded by a spectacular weather forecast and the prospect of an idyllic weekend on a stunning country estate. Life’s not so bad!