Let’s not count our chickens yet, but…

..it looks like Lawrence’s prayers are being answered. God has certainly not smiled on the Gaeltachts for the last two years, however things are looking distinctly more positive for the 2013 Beach Show: Accuweather.

Bring your picnic, your family and friends and, if you have one, your horse. It’s a long drive but the destination is unique. There can be few show grounds in the world to match Ballyness Bay. A huge attendance from the length and breadth of the region is guaranteed as old pals congregate on the northern periphery of Europe for a spectacular day of show jumping and dressage.

Sadly there’s no showing this year but maybe the Gaeltachts can be persuaded to reintroduce it for 2014 (or at the last minute for 2013!). Rosettes are enough for the winners — prizes are completely superfluous for this rare and much-appreciated opportunity to show within the AIRC riding clubs structure.

Assume that the weather will be fickle and bring plenty of changes of clothes so that you don’t get caught out. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best. It will be a great day out.

Beach Show 2013 Schedule