Some warmth, some rain, and a little bit of sunshine just in time for Sunday…

Many weather addicts have given up looking at medium- and long-range forecasts over the past months – why depress yourself in advance unnecessarily! As we approach our big weekend, it makes sense to have a look at what the experts are saying. Since we’re jumping on grass, conditions in the run up to the event are almost more important than the conditions on the day itself.

Well… it could be a lot worse:
Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 17.33.43
It’s going to be very breezy for the next few days and with luck that wind will offset some of the rain that’s due to fall. We may get a bit damp building the course on Friday evening but we should get away without rain gear at the show itself. Keep an eye on how things progress as the week goes on:

AccuWeather | Letterkenny
British Met Office | Derry