Good luck at Gurteen

It’s the middle of April. Club members are this morning packing the last remnants of tack, clothing and provisions as they ready themselves for the road to Gurteen. The sat-navs need a slight readjustment after six years of pointing steadfastly towards Flowerhill but otherwise little is different in 2013.

Damien, Francis, Enda, Anne, Keary, Pauric, Leo and possibly Claire are heading down the road to compete for ribbons, glory and, above all, the sheer thrill of bowling around a good cross country course. They’ll be joined by friends and rivals from the Gaeltacht and Tirconaill. Inishowen are sadly missing after Kate MacPherson’s horse injured himself shortly before the event. Happily the pair will be back in action shortly.

There’s no shortage of support for the riders. We mightn’t match the sheer numbers who made the trip last year but with Audrey, Louise, Christopher and Maura leading the cheers, the club will have an unmistakeable voice.

The very, very best of luck to everybody. Have fun, come home safely, and make sure you bring some ribbons!