Club update

So many bits and pieces of news and notices have emerged in the past couple of days that it’s time for a general update.

New (and nearly new) members
We’re delighted to welcome Maria Ryan to the club and wish her all the best in her endeavours at Advanced Primary level. Maria is a veteran of the hunting field and will team up with her friend, re-joined member Hillary McGettigan, to strengthen the Kilmacrennan delegation within the club.

North West League | Show 3
After a week’s break this Sunday sees a return to North West League activity with the third show of the series. It’s another chance for our competitors to enjoy a lie-in as Tirconaill step into the drivers seat to run the day. Remember that Tirconaill is a small club with far fewer members than ourselves so be ready to jump into the fray and lend a hand wherever you see the need. We’re back in action ourselves the following week when we run the fourth leg of the league on Sunday 10 March. We’ll stick to the same teams as last time so make sure you coordinate rotas with your team leader.

Flatwork lessons at Glenleary
This Friday is the last in the series of flatwork lessons with Mary Finneran. The lessons have been most notable for Louise’s triumphant return to the saddle after a winter of horseless activity. Every club has its fair weather members…

Club gear — last chance for free logos
This Sunday’s NWL is your final chance to add your horse or human clothing to the collection which Jenny will be bringing to C&M for embroidery at the club’s expense.

Membership cards
If you haven’t yet collected your 2013 membership card from Cormac you can do so at Sunday’s NWL at Templemore. They’re burning a hole in his britches so please alleviate him of his responsibility!

Armchair evening, Friday 8 March
Our armchair evening with John Kelly will take place at John and Sharon’s Kellee Stables near Kilmacrennan. There will be refreshments and they will include beer, although unfortunately there’s no guarantee that it will be Kinnegar beer! John will cover all the essentials of the saddler’s art and will also demonstrate saddle fitting a horse. You’re welcome to bring your horse (who will be offered a stable but definitely no beer) if you’d like him to take one of the guinea pig slots. Contact John or Sharon on 086 338 9166 to make arrangements.