News from HQ : AIRC Lancelot Awards

The Lancelot Awards are presented annually by the Association of Irish Riding Clubs to recognise the sterling efforts of its members who regularly go beyond the call of duty in organising or helping at club, regional or national level. Four categories of awards are presented annually:

Club of the Year
Club Secretary of the Year
Club Member of the Year
Person of the Year

Each region selects their nomination to go forward for the Club, Club Secretary and Club Member awards.

Individual members may nominate members or non-members for the Person of the Year Award. These may include a person who has contributed their time and energy to the riding club movement.

The Executive Committee produces a shortlist of nominees which the clubs and a jury vote on to decide the winners. Each club has one vote in each of the four categories and voting papers are distributed to each club secretary in late november / early December.

A fifth award, The Lancelot Award, is presented by the Executive Committee to a person or group who they deem to have contributed beyond the call of duty in their industry.

Each winner receives a specially commissioned bronze horse head resembling the Association’s logo, “Lancelot.” The awards were introduced in 2005.

For further information on the awards is available on the AIRC website.