Friday activities fall by the wayside once again

The keystone of club life, our Friday evening activities, are falling by the wayside with disappointing regularity this season. Once again, this week’s lesson has been cancelled due to lack of support.

There are a number of contributing factors but two of them — money and travel — are the main culprits. Things would be a great deal easier for everybody if we had a venue central to the very expansive area that our club caters for. Travelling 45 minutes for a Friday night lesson is achievable for almost everybody. When it rises to an hour or hour-and-a-half, the pleasure of the outing quickly disappears and for many, the diesel costs are quite simply prohibitive.

So keep playing the lotto! If nobody has won it by our AGM, we probably need to have a good discussion about how we proceed in 2013 so that we retain the great dynamic and life that is the fabric of our club.