Club spirit

Enda and Teldel had an eventful show jumping round at Sunday’s Beach Show. The normally inseparable pupil-and-schoolmaster team parted company at the second part of the double and Enda lay prostrate on the sand. Marina and Cormac came quickly to the rescue…

Enda: Creak, groan, creak, groan.
Marina: What were you at? You should have ridden him harder into the fence!
Enda: Creak, groan, creak, groan.
Cormac: Enda, can you move at all?
Enda: Creak, groan, creak, groan. Yes, it’s painful though.
Cormac: Well turn over then so that I can see what kind of a state you’ve got my jacket into…

Pictured below: Back on his feet in spite of the abuse. Good man Enda!